Whistleblowers and Other Halloween Treats

Okay, let’s get this party started. And boy is it gonna be a party. (Is it okay to say “boy”?) You know how it is. We gotta be so careful what we say these days. Don’t wanna step on toes. Don’t want to crack fragile shells. This next year is going to be a mess. It’s gonna be crazy and insane. One year from today we will be entering the home stretch of the 2020 Presidential Election campaign. There will be a month to go, and I am sure that none of our lives will be the same. Many of us will be all alone. We will lose our families; lose our friends; lose jobs; get thrown out of social clubs and circles. Many of us will be boycotting products and networks and lifelong favorite sports teams. We will cut people off from our lives, and get cut off as well. And why? Politics. All because if politics. Enjoy this upcoming holiday season, peeps. Because it is going to get ugly in 2020.

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