Let’s Get This Campaign Started!

So we just finished this crazy 2016 presidential election.  It’s December.  President Barrack Obama is a lame duck and Donald J. Trump is the President-elect.  People are still talking about it, and will probably still be talking about it well into the new year.  I predict a very interesting four years ahead.  I refuse to even try to speculate on anything political right now.  People I know are already talking about democratic challengers in 2020.  I just want to know how we get out of this comic book parallel universe we somehow got stuck in, with a President-elect who communicates by tweet and a potential Secretary of Defense named “Mad Dog”.  Now I will state right here and now that I, as an American citizen, do wish our incoming president and his team all the success in the world.  He did say that he wants to be everyone’s president, and I will hold him to that.  Okay.  That’s it for now.  Come back often for Nobody’s Election 2020 campaign news.


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